1. hollowsleather:

    In honor of the Hollows Leather web store finally launching, I’m giving away any one item of your choice from the store to a luckly tumblrer.

    To enter just follow the Hollows Leather tumblr, and reblog this post.  Check out the store to see what’s up for grabs, and good luck.

    I’ll be choosing a winner at random in one week (7/16).  If the thingey you choose is sold out, I’ll make a new one.

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  2. mandk2010:

    the hubs and i visited the venice beach canals yesterday. i’ve lived in la my entire life, and can honestly say i’ve never. ever. been. here. before.

    this place is truly magical cuz it feels like you’re a hundred miles away from the crazies at venice beach and also it’s weird to walk around…

  3. was the thing’s dork made of orange rock?

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  4. mandk2010:

    My initial draft about our SF food adventures mysteriously disappeared or maybe didn’t get saved soooooo I will give you, the loyal reader, the abridged version in 10 pictures/captions or less.

    We stopped at the Ferry building to scarf down the bite-sized macaroons from Miette and also bought…

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    It’s Worn has partnered with Corter Leather to give away this refillable (with Field Notes) notebook. Simply Follow & ReBlog to be entered. I’ll pick a winner Monday October 11th.

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  7. Oh no…my brains

  8. In the words of Mr. Freeze, “CHILLLLLLLL”